Why I Support the ASO — by Karen Thompson (Board of Directors)

If you have but two coins, spend one on bread and the other on hyacinths for your soul.

There are many versions of this old proverb.

Music and the other arts, like hyacinths, feed us differently than bread. They are important and worth supporting.

But why should you choose to support the Atlantic Symphony? Here is why I do:

The ASO is an important organization for the region; one that is maturing into a regional institution. It has been serving the South Shore and Greater Boston area for two decades, creating a community of audience members, supporters, and musicians, and developing its voice. The ASO is part of the economic engine of the region and reaches many communities and groups with partnerships and programming. Its influence is growing. Like most cultural non-profits, however, it relies heavily on individual contributions. It relies on you and me. Every supporter counts.

The ASO’s mission and people are important. I appreciate what ASO brings to our region, in addition to wonderful music: local access to high quality professional performances; opportunities for musicians to play, advance their careers, and serve as role models for the next generation; social and educational opportunities for our audience; enrichment opportunities for our children; philanthropic opportunities for individuals and business partners; another cultural resource for all of us, to enjoy living where we live and find what we need, close to home.

The ASO’s impact goes beyond the concert hall. Its financial need is in service to others. 

• We served over 1,000 local residents with our music and programs this year and our audiences have grown by over 30% this season

• We employed over 100 professional musicians and stage personnel this year and supported career development for musicians and other performing artists

• We have paid and volunteer staff who are local, our business partners are local, and we purchase, rent, and market with local establishments

• We support the hard work of other area nonprofits with partnerships and ticket donations to benefit their fundraising

• Our ticket prices are the most affordable in the region for a professional orchestra, allowing access to high-quality classical performances to more people

• Ticket sales cover less than half the direct cost of our programming and do little to support other expenses, such as a small staff, rent, supplies and services

I am donating my time along with my financial support, and I hope you will match my donation with your financial gift. Your gift of any size will be celebrated this month (as always) and help our programming continue as planned over the remainder of the season.

The videos below are some of the enthusiastic outreach sent to us in celebration of our 20th Anniversary Year and 20 years with music director, Jin Kim. I thought you would enjoy seeing them. I also hope they will lead you to give generously.

Click an image to play the video message.

 Costin Anghelescu — Musician Development

Costin Anghelescu — Musician Development

 Kaleigh Cronin — Professional Opportunities

Kaleigh Cronin — Professional Opportunities

 Anthony Everett — Regional Impact

Anthony Everett — Regional Impact

I hope you are among the percentage of people who respond to appeals for financial support. We need you. Thank you.

Atlantic Symphony Orchestra