ASO Community Campaign Supporters

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s “$20 Campaign” community fundraiser. We met out goal and are very grateful for your support to finish the season!


Susan Ackermann
Kathleen Almand
Michell and Andrew Ayer
Maura and Dave Bailey
Susan Flynn Barksdale
Nancy Barvick
Nancy and Bill Bates
Amanda Beachus
Katherine Bennett
Patricia Bianco
Turner and Joan Bledsoe
Kate and Declan Boland
Scott and Karen Bosworth
Harriett Bosy
Kim Boyd
Susan and Alex Boyd
Charlotte Browne
Nancy Burgess
Rachel and Scott Butler
Paula and Steve Certa
Dave Chamberlain
Katherine Chase
Perry Collins
Liz Comrack
Sarah Corey
Mary Jean and James Coughlin
Kathy Cunningham
Susan W. Davis
Clare and Richard Dennis
Gregory Depp
Bunny Elmore
Cathleen and James Everett
Jon and Linda Fanwell
James Farwell
Dave and Joan Faunce
Lynn Feingold
Ellen Ferrara
Karen Ferrari
Elizabeth Fish
Dick and Carol Flynn
Monica and Jim Forker
Sue Fraser
Katie and Phil Gallagher
Jennifer Gay Smith
Avis Goldstein
Connie Gorfinkle
Nancy Gorman-Verseckes
David and Cathy Gray
Amy Happ
Eileen McIntyre and Roy Harris
Carter Harrison
Deborah Higgins
Nancy Hills
Monica Horan
Nancy Howell
Susanna and Robert Hunt
Richard Iskra
Rene Katersky
Diana Kornet
William Koskores
Karen Koskores
Ron Kraus
Jane and Joe Kringdon
John and Elaine Kuhn
Linda Kutsch
Mary Lambert
Kathie Lawrence
Ann Marie Leonard
Susan Leone and Isak Bengyat
Donald Leone
Lori Lerner
Elizabeth Lesniewski-Laas
Elizabeth Lilly
Catherine and James Logar
Cynthia MacEwan
Jane Malme
Chris McCabe
Loretta McCabe
Alicia McCabe Sar
Judy McConarty
Janice Brown McPhillips
Ann McSweeney
Albert Meallo
Janet and Thomas Michaud
Bridget Minicus
Marty Morrill
Karen and Kevin Morris
Meghan Murray
Alyce Nobis
Jackie Nolan
Jeff and Taffy Nothnagle
Mary and Walter O’Donnell
Mary Anne Odell
Anne Overbeck
Barbara Pagos
Pamela and Edward Patch
Ellen Pearlman
Katie Pearlman
Nancy Perry
Eric Peterson
Amy Quinlan
Vicki and Dan Quinn
Charles Raskin
Bernadette Ridge
Joan Ripple
Chrissie and Jason Roberts
J Robicheau
Amy and Pete Rogan
Gunnie and Ry Rogers
Lori and Rick Rohleder
Gail Salvetti
Natalie and Christopher Shawles
Judy Sneath
Nina Souther
Susan Trausch and John Stobierski
Bertie Stratis
Tien and Joe Suarez
Terri’s School Dance
Marc Thompson
Karen Thompson
Melissa and Neal Tully
Bev and Jim Vernon
Sharon Vogt
Mike Lally and Kalthleen Walker
George Ward
Barbara Ward
Jane and Bennett Weintraub
Phyllis and Bill Wenzel
Mark and Catherine White
Frank White
David and Natalie Young